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What Our Clients Say About

         Alvin Dock Diving

  • Kathy Staudt

     27 May 2022


    Joel is great. Super helpful. My lab loves the facility and working with him.

  • John Havard

     17 May 2022


    Dogs absolutely loved it. Great place and Joel was very helpful. We’ll be back.

  • John Havard

     17 May 2022


    Dogs loved it. Great place and Joel was was very helpful. We’ll be back.

  • Mayra Luna

     03 May 2022


    Joel is wonderful! He is so positive & great with the dogs. Great facility & very affordable.

  • Chelsee Herman

     23 Apr 2022


    We had an amazing time learning and watching our dogs have a great time. We will definitely be back soon!

  • Sharon Lynch

     09 Apr 2022


    We took our 6-1/2 month Vizsla for a swim lesson today and she loved it - so did we. She had started at home, but needed to build her confidence to jump in the water and now she does with ease!

  • Renee Klovenski

     27 Dec 2021


    Wonderful first day of training for both Tucker and me! Recommend the training for you and your dog. Loved watching my dog take to the training so quickly. I know I cannot wait until I book the next training!

  • Kathy Wootton

     22 Oct 2021


    We love coming to Joel’s. My dogs are great swimmers, and they always have fun!

  • Angelica Gutierrez Barrera

     03 Oct 2021


    As always, pool was great! Doggo loves it and kiddo too!

  • Jackie Bludworth

     30 Sep 2021


    Always love coming here to let the dogs enjoy the dock. We humans also like to enjoy the pool too. Thanks Joel and Bev for providing this outlet to us!

  • Sandy Hinrichs

     11 Sep 2021


    Great place! We enjoyed it!

  • Laurie Carrillo

     15 Aug 2021


    So much fun!! Highly recommend the dock diving training!

  • Johnny Flores

     13 Aug 2021


    We really enjoyed swimming with our pup. Its nice to have a place like this to go. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Provaznik

     10 Aug 2021


    Super fun. And great training!

  • Chad Schorre

     07 Aug 2021


    Great experience! Joel has a great approach, finesse and positive attitude working with our dog. I highly recommend Alvin Dick diving and am looking forward to more lessons!

  • Amanda Revell

     03 Aug 2021


    Super nice calm people and environment for my shy dog. Joel was awesome and very gentle with working on my dog’s confidence in the water.

  • Monica Pickthall

     01 Aug 2021


    Had a great time teaching my puppers to swim at Alvin Dock Diving today!

  • Robyn m Heidenreich

     29 Jul 2021


    Sooooo much fun, once our dogs were comfortable going into the water, they had a great time swimming and catching balls. The kids, hubby and I had a blast as well!

  • Aditya Thummala

     24 Jul 2021


    Had an amazing time with my dog. Definitely worth the visit.

  • Rachael Lemieux

     14 Jul 2021


    Fun time!

  • Mayerling Gonzalez

     13 Jul 2021


    Our mastiff had such a great time! Will definitely be back again soon!!

  • Brenee Robinson

     11 Jul 2021


    Had a blast! Took all three of my babies out and they are exhausted. Will for sure be back

  • Jamie Hart

     09 Jul 2021


    Our first time here. Took two of our biggest beasties to swim and see how they would take to dock diving. Lexie the Lab did great! Bailey the Doodle needs more confidence so we will be getting training from Joel next time. It was pouring down rain when we got there but went on in for the fun! I brought their favorite toys! We played fetch for almost an hour. They will sleep sound tonight! Thank you Joel for creating an place to swim with our furz. We will be going back with the little ones next go round!

  • Lucas Machann

     06 Jul 2021


    Our 2 dogs had a blast, I thought my lab was going to hate it but he loved every minute of it. We will definitely be back he loved diving off the dock. My little schnauzer swam for the whole hour.

  • sharon westergreen

     05 Jul 2021


    Friendly knowledgeable folks, reasonable prices.

  • Kathy Wootton

     03 Jul 2021


    Lovely pool with a spectacular shade tree. JJ tried fetch it with no luck, but did some great splashes. Randee swam in the pool for the first time. Both had a great time! Thanks, Joel.

  • Angelica Gutierrez Barrera

     02 Jul 2021


    Great as usual! My pup and kids love swimming together. We love the pool to ourselves and surrounded by the peace.

  • Lisa VanAuken

     29 Jun 2021


    Our first lesson was a lot of fun for our Murphy. And he got so much exercise that he slept the whole drive home! What a great experience for a very reasonable price. We will definitely be back.

  • Emily Cruz

     26 Jun 2021


    This place is a hidden gem and Joel is a fantastic host! The hour experience was better than what I expected. He coaxed our anxious lab/pit mix to get all four in the water in a mere 30 minutes and allowed us some privacy to enjoy the remaining hour of swim time. Joel’s calm manner, gentleness with training, and willing to try various things to win the pup over was very appreciated. The restroom/changing room off to the left is well maintained, air conditioned. The pool is saltwater, area around the pool is safe but of course, wet. We will definitely bring Franco and Post again very soon!

  • Mandy Ocampo

     25 Jun 2021


    Great experience! Going to be returning for sure! Joel was very informative and patient with our 2 year old German Shepard! So much fun bonding and building trust and confidence with our pup!

  • Patricia Richard

     07 Jun 2021


    My Doberman's always love the dock and pool. Today puppy Mika learned to swim

  • elizabeth mccarty

     03 Jun 2021


    Pippin had the best time! It was so much fun! Joel was a great teacher and super patient with us. I can't wait to return and hone our skills!

  • Damien smart

     30 May 2021


    Had an amazing time, everyone was also very nice. Can’t wait to visit again!

  • Douglas Strebel

     15 May 2021


    Excellent experience. Teaching 8 Month Aussidooldle Crew to swim in one session.

  • Roberta McClure

     09 May 2021


    Beautiful facility. We had a lovely afternoon.

  • Dionne Lenaghan

     08 May 2021


    It was our first time to Alvin Dock Diving!!! we had. blast!! definitely returning!! joel and the misses were very friendly and welcoming. Accommodated our needs! Great place to practice at your own pace.

  • Kathy Wootton

     22 Apr 2021


    Had a blast! Looking forward to more, and glad the puppy had fun with JJ.

  • Diana Garcia

     12 Mar 2021


  • Jeana Pappas    

    25 May 2020

    Joel is great! Our dog was hesitant, but with gentle persuasion, she got in! All in all, it was a successful first visit!

  • Annette Owen    

    24 May 2020

    Second visit for us. Joel is super sweet and laidback. He made sure we understood rules, know where bathrooms are and let us enjoy swimming with our pets. Super affordable and pool well cleaned. Will go again soon.

  • Ashlyn Butler    

    18 May 2020

    Absolutely fantastic! We had a blast and Joel and Beverly were so sweet

  • Sally Campbell    

    14 May 2020

    The pool is looking so pretty. My dog enjoyed swimming and I am happy he was able to exercise today.

  • Patsy Richard    

    03 May 2020

    So much fun for Senna and KeKe. Water is getting warm enough for me!

  • Lisa Gilbert    

    03 May 2020

    Pool was clean, owner was friendly, dogs had a great time!

  • Brian Larson    

    02 May 2020

    Everytime I take my dogs Joel and Beverly are amazing!

  • Kathy Wootton    

    02 May 2020

    Had a great time with Joel yesterday! JJ’s first timer to go off the dock. He loved it, and we can’t wait to go back.

  • Patsy Richard    

    01 May 2020

    My Dobermans had a blast! Beautiful setting with the pool along side of huge oaks.

  • Aislyn Schalck    

    30 Apr 2020

    My favorite dock diving location in Houston. The process are very reasonable, the pool is always super clean, and they put up with my crazy labs!

  • Paula Prickett    

    30 Apr 2020

    Highlight of my day!!! So fun to see the dogs having a blast! Thank you!

  • Heather Hodges    

    30 Apr 2020

    Professional, clean facility. Patient with dogs and people. My girls really haven’t been in a pool. The heeler really liked it. My pit she will need more time for the full swimming. Both had fun! Will definitely be back!

  • MargretWilson    

    27 Apr 2020

    Raylan and I had a great time at the pool yesterday while following Covid rules. Water was perfect and the sun was bright. We’ll be back!

  • Patsy Richard    

    25 Apr 2020

    KeKe and Senna (dobermans) just love peaceful atmosphere. Always a great time. Plenty of shade from huge oak trees.

  • Tessa    

    25 Apr 2020

    We had a blast & Joel was very patient with us newbies!! We brought our 2 Black Russian Terriers for their 1st experience dock diving.

  • Sally Campbell    

    24 Apr 2020

    My dog went swimming and enjoyed his time in the pool. The pool was pretty and clean.

  • Zack Taylor    

    24 Apr 2020

    Had an amazing time and learned a lot! Joel was patient with our Dog and was very professional. Definitely will be back !

  • Veronica Martínez    

    24 Apr 2020

    The dock is nice! The owners are very friendly. Joel was very helpful and knowledgeable. We were lucky to see his dog perform on the dock. We definitely will be back. 

  • Emily Cruz
  •  26 Jun 2021


This place is a hidden gem and Joel is a fantastic host! The hour experience was better than what I expected. He coaxed our anxious lab/pit mix to get all four in the water in a mere 30 minutes and allowed us some privacy to enjoy the remaining hour of swim time. Joel’s calm manner, gentleness with training, and willing to try various things to win the pup over was very appreciated. The restroom/changing room off to the left is well maintained, air conditioned. The pool is saltwater, area around the pool is safe but of course, wet. We will definitely bring Franco and Post again very soon!

  • Lydia Joiner    
    21 Apr 2020
    Nice dock and very friendly
  • Michelle Hubbard    
    19 Apr 2020
    We took our baby, Lucky, to his first pool season. Joel was so kind and patient with him. It was not a totally successful visit but we got close. I think after a few more tries Lucky will be swimming around like a champ. Thanks Joel! You’re the best!
  • Jennifer Bertrand    
    17 Apr 2020
    Fun, informative, professional experience! We will definitely be back!
  • Emory    
    16 Apr 2020
    Took our dogs to Alvin Dock Diving this afternoon and had a great time! The owners were so hospitable and kind and the facility is very well maintained. My husband and I, and our 2 dogs can’t wait to go back!
  • Kathy Armstrong    
    15 Apr 2020
    Joel is an excellent dog trainer. He was very patient and encouraging with our 6 month old silver lab puppy! Our puppy was very happy and playful with him. Looking forward to our next lesson!
  • Destiny Munoz    
    12 Apr 2020
    We had the BEST experience here! Joel was extremely welcoming and made the whole experience very enjoyable. I would recommend this place to anyone with who has a pup! It’s a family friendly environment so you can bring the kids and let them play in the water as well! The giant pool was very clean and well maintained. We will be back!
  • Tommi Jo Harris    
    09 Apr 2020
    Had such a great time! My fiancée and I were looking for somewhere fun to take the dogs during the pandemic and a friend sent us Alvin Dock Diving! I am beyond glad we went. It was so refreshing and fun and the owner was so kind. 110% recommend!
  • Melissa Tumminaro    
    05 Apr 2020
    Awesome visit! Joel was super nice and extremely helpful. This was our first time with Jaxon dock diving but definitely won’t be our last!
  • Brian Larson    
    29 Mar 2020
    I love this place!! Always have cleanest pool! Great people who own it! Thanks again Joel and Bev!
  • Karen Montgomery    
    27 Mar 2020
    Great experience. My pup and I are first timers! She was extremely afraid of the water! In 1 hour, Mr. Joel had her more confident and closer to jumping right in! We will definitely return! Thank you for your knowledge and patience! We both appreciated it so much!! ������
  • Jaimee Meeks    
    06 Jan 2020
    this place is great!! Joel was extremely helpful & I cant wait to go back!! My pup, Scamp, was distracted a bit by the goats he has but Joel allowed Scamp to go to the fence and check them out! He even put them in his barn deal so we could contour our lesson, super nice of him. Defiantly recommend going!
  • Ali Daneshmand    
    05 Jan 2020
    What a lovely couple! Me & Milo had so much fun and learned a lot. Will be back next weekend for more training!
  • Diana Grave    
    04 Jan 2020
    Joel was excellent with Zeus, my GSD!! We will definitely be back as soon as Spring arrives!
  • Patti Barrera    
    08 Dec 2019
    Everything was good . Really good. No problems.
  • sally campbell    
    14 Oct 2019
    My dog had fun and exercise in the great pool.
  • Thomas Bordelon    
    08 Aug 2018
    What a wonderful place!!!! Joel, is such a professional. He sat down with my wife and me and discussed everything from rules to helping our Lab, Lilly! Can't wait to go back.
  • Mary Trevino    
    08 Jul 2018
    We had our first lesson today; Joel was great! lots of fun, and Tori swam for the first time! Joel was very supportive and helpful in getting Tori in the water. We look forward to the next time! Thanks Joel!
  • Kelly Schlesinger    
    06 Aug 2017
    We had so much fun with Joel and our dog Jet. Joel had a lot of patience with all of us and we cannot wait to go back again.

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